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Dedicate Integration Environment 

New and updated opportunities are fetched from the APN leveraging a dedicated S3 Environment unique to your company. All records are picked up, parsed and processed in within Salesforce.

Connecting Dots

APN Fusion

A bi-directional Opportunity sync between
Salesforce and the Amazon Partner Network

APN Fusion In Action

Quality Checks & Assignment Rules

Once in Salesforce, manage your APN Records natively. All manual and automated updates sync with the APN keeping the two systems aligned. Leverage standard Salesforce automation to assign, update, and manage your APN opportunities.

Data Validation & Automation

All APN records are created in Salesforce under a custom object that links to Salesforce records. Users can link to existing records, or parse data from the APN Opportunity to create new Salesforce records. Channel-Link will provide some standard out-of-the-box flows, and can also customize the process to suit your specific requirements.

Unified Reporting & Mangement

Leverage our pre-built reports to efficiently manage and increase visibility into your co-selling pipeline. Being 100% Salesforce native, easily create new reports and dashboard to support your business needs.

Abstract Surface

Pricing, Set-up & Configuration

Channel-Link APN Fusion is a licensed, private, managed package. Our team of certified Salesforce professions will assist you in setting up, and configuring our integration. Installation includes configuring an Amazon sync environment, testing and validating the data flow, and basic user training. Additional configuration of custom processes and automation can be configure for an additional charnge.  

Once installed, Channel-Link charges a standard license fee billed annually. Price may vary depending on size, product, and the number of active users. For more information please contact us today.

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